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How does the reward for Scouts work?
How does the reward for Scouts work?
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How much is the reward?

A Scout receives a reward of 1.000 SEK per Host that chooses to register on Acamp.

What do I have to do to receive a reward?

First you invite a Host to Acamp, the reward will then be triggered after the Host creates their Acamp listing and have it published on our marketplace.

Please note that every new Host have to be approved by Acamp before it goes live on and on our apps - only Hosts approved by Acamp will trigger the reward.

How can I see if my reward was triggered?

You can see the status of your reward payment in the Scout Portal available on

How does Acamp make the payment?

Acamp uses Stripe to make the payment. Click here to know more about how Stripe works for Scouts.

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