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New feature: Marked Pitches
New feature: Marked Pitches
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When a Host creates a listing at Acamp they create what we call Camping Zone. A "Camping Zone" is simply put an area on the Hosts property where campers can pitch their tent or park their vehicle. Inside each Camping Zone the Host decides the amount of pitches.

Hosts can create multiple Camping Zones - perhaps they have areas with limited access to electricity, perhaps you can park your RV in one zone but just pitch a tent in another, perhaps some area have that extra beautiful seaside view. Price may vary from one zone to the other.

With the feature Marked Pitches campers can choose exactly at what pitch they want to spend their weekend getaway.

About Camping Zones with or without marked pitches

When creating a Camping Zone, Hosts can choose between two different types of zones:

Option 1: Zone without marked pitches

This means that campers won't be able to specify exactly where they will camp. It will either be "first come, first served" or maybe the Host will decide where the guest will camp.

During checkout the campers will only choose which Camping Zone they want to book:

Option 2: Zone with marked pitches

This means that campers can book a specific pitch inside the Camping Zone.
So during checkout they will be able to select exactly what pitch to book:

How to mark your pitches

If you've been a Host at Acamp for a long time this feature will be new to you. In that case we've turned your existing Camping Zone to the type without marked pitches, since this is how it better represents how things worked before.

If you now want to turn your Camping Zone into a zone with marked pitches, please follow these instructions:

1: From inside your Host Dashboard, access the menu "Listing > Camping Zones"

2: You will see a list of all your Camping Zones. Click the one that you want to change to the type Marked Pitches

3: Click the button Edit on the top right corner of the map

4: Click the button Switch to marked pitches. You will now see all the individually marked pitches inside your Camping Zone area, like this:

Note that the position of each pitch is automatically generated, but you can freely move them to their correct place on the map.

5: After you positioned your pitches in their correct position, click the button Save and update.
6: If you want to try out how campers will see your newly created Camping Zone with marked pitches, you can go to your listing page and start a checkout.

If you need any help, your Support Team will be happy to help you at [email protected].

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