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How to connect Stripe to your Acamp
How to connect Stripe to your Acamp
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Once you’ve created your Acamp you’ll have all you need to start receiving bookings from people looking for a place to camp.

But in order for you to start receiving weekly payments you need to register at a third-party service called Stripe.

Stripe is used by millions of companies of different sizes all over the world, in Sweden you will find for instance Kry, Volvo, Spotify and HM among Stripe’s customers.

To activate Stripe just click To Stripe in the box called Payments - this will take you directly to Stripe.

Your first option will be to register as a private person / sole proprietorship or as a company.

For security reasons Stripe will send a code to your mobile phone - make sure that you have it close at hand. This is one of many measures Stripe takes to guarantee a safe and secure registration.

Please click Continue in order to receive and fill in the security code.

The next step is simply to fill in your personal information.

After that, go on and click Continue.

In the following step you need to fill out some information about your company.

You are also asked to fill out the company web page. If you don’t have one you can simply link to your profile on Social Media or even just describe your business in a sentence or two..

This is in order to make it more difficult for anyone trying to impost as you or your business.

After you’ve done with this part, click Continue.

Next step is to fill out the necessary information for the bank account that you want Stripe to transfer your money to.

You will find your IBAN number at your internet bank.

After that, just click Save.

For the last part of the activation of a Stripe account you have to validate your identity by taking a photo of your ID card or drivers license and also provide a photo of additional documentation if necessary.

This is a process you manage via your mobile phones camera on Stripes secure channels.

When this is ready you are all set and you are ready to start receiving payments from you bookings on Acamp!

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