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How does QR-code bookings work?
How does QR-code bookings work?
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We now allow Hosts to generate a unique QR code to make it easier for campers to make their booking. The QR code can then be printed and placed anywhere on the campsite enabling campers to simply scan the code uing a mobile phone with a camera, pay for the booking and then check-in for the evening.

This also makes it possible for Campers without a Acamp account to book and pay directly to the Host.

The actual code takes campers to a express-checkout page, where the camper can make a booking in 3 easy steps:

1: Camper chooses the dates for check-in and check-out

2: Camper then choose which pitch they want to book

3: Camper finally pays for the booking and can enjoy their stay!

How to enable the QR code for Drop-in Bookings

In order to create the QR code for your listing, just access your Host Dashboard > Listing > Drop-in bookings. Then simply click to activate the feature.

How to download and print the QR code

After enabling the QR code you will see a new section under Host Dashboard > Listing > Drop-in bookings called "Generate QR code sign" Select the language you want your .pdf file to be in and then click "Download pdf". The .pdf file also contains easy to follow instructions for the camper on how to make a new booking on the express-checkout page.

What happens next?

All you have to do now is to print the .pdf file and put it where your guests can see it.

Important: Reward yourself with a coffee afterwards - you've earned a little break!

Can Drop-in bookings be cancelled?

Campers can cancel the drop-in booking until midnight the day before check-in date. In this case they will get a full refund for the booking. If the booking for some reason needs to be cancelled after that please contact us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help!

Additional things to know

  • As a Host you don't pay anything extra to use this feature, and the Acamp booking fee is the same for drop-in bookings as it is for any other type of bookings.

  • Campers don't pay any additional fee to use the drop-in feature.

  • If your listing has manual approval of bookings, drop-in bookings will skip the manual approval process. That means that all bookings made through the QR code are considered automatically approved since the purpose of this feature is to allow campers to self check-in on your campsite.

  • Campers can only use the QR code for bookings with check-in today or tomorrow. The check-out date can be at anytime. If the camper wants to have a check-in later in the future this can be done directly at or on our mobile apps.

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