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How to change the pitch of an existing booking
How to change the pitch of an existing booking
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There's a few scenarios where you might want to change the pitch of an existing booking:

  • When the camper booked a pitch but later asked you to change their booking to a different one.

  • If the pitch booked by the camper is no longer available and you need to allocate them on some other pitch.

You can change the camping zone or pitch of an existing booking by following these steps:

1: Access the Booking page on your Host Dashboard at

2: Open the booking you want to change the pitch

3: On the booking details card, click on the Edit button:

4: Select the new camping zone and pitch you want for that booking. Only pitches available for the same checkin and checkout dates will appear to you.

5: Click on Save & update

Notice that it's possible to change the pitch for both normal bookings and guest bookings.

You can see a short video of this process here:

We recommend that you confirm to the camper that this alteration was made.
If you have any questions our problem you can contact our technical support. We'll be happy to help!

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