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Introducing: Host Booking Calendar
Introducing: Host Booking Calendar
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Our Host Booking Calendar is our latest and most beautifully designed feature for Hosts to visualise and manage their bookings. This article explain its main functionalities and how to make the most of it.

How to access it


When accessing your Host Dashboard under, you will see a banner inviting you to try the new Booking Calendar. Click on Get started to open it.


  • Open the Acamp app

  • On your user settings menu, click on Switch to Host

  • You will see a banner inviting you to try the new Booking Calendar. Click on Get started to open it.

โ€‹This feature is currently on beta. If you want to have early access to it, contact us via [email protected]

Calendar tabs

The Booking Calendar has 2 main tab: Overview and Detais.


Shows a general picture of your bookings across all your camping zones. For every day you can see how many of your pitches are booked and how many are free. On this example, you can see that for December 22nd, Zone A have 1 pitch booked and 2 available, and Zone G have 0 pitches booked and 5 available:


This tab show all your individual bookings in details. Each card on the calendar represents a booking. If your camping zone has marked pitches, you will see one row per pitch, grouped by their respective camping zone. You can scroll horizontally to see other dates, or use the calendar option to move to a different date.

View options

When clicking on the calendar, you will see 2 different view modes: Week or Day to day. That can be used to define if you want to see your calendar for a period of entire week (from Monday to Sunday), or for every 2 days in a row.

Booking details

To see the details of a booking, go the Details tab and click on the booking you want to see the details. You will see a summary of the booking with the most relevant information (like guest name, their license plate, etc). You can click on View details if you want to see all the information of the booking.

Editing/cancelling a booking

To edit or cancel a booking, go the Details tab and click on the booking you want to change or cancel. Then click on Edit booking and choose which information of the booking you want to change, click on Cancel booking to cancel it.

Creating a new booking

There are 2 ways of creating a new guest booking for your campers: either by clicking on the + sign on the top right corner of the Booking Calendar, or by clicking on any empty space on your calendar. When using this last option the camping zone, pitch and checkin dates will be pre-filled, but you can change them before confirming the booking.

Filter bookings

You can filter your bookings by going o Details > clicking on the filter icon located at the bottom right. You can filter your bookings per camping zone, type of accommodation booked, booking status and several other options.

Search booking


The search option is available on your left panel, below the calendar.

Web/Mobile, iOS and Android

The search option is available on by clicking on the Search icon on your top right corner.

When making a search, your search query will be made against these fields:
- Booking reference number
- Camper's license plate
- Camper name and last name
- Camper email address

Managing your booking requests

If your listing has the feature Booking Request available, you can easily approve or decline your pending bookings inside the Booking Calendar. You can see all your pending booking requests by opening the Booking request section below the calendar on your left panel (on web/desktop) or by clicking on the booking request icon on your top right corner (web/mobile and apps). In that section you can approve your bookings individually or approve them all at once.

Additionally, when a booking is pending approval, you will see a red dot on the booking card:

To approve or decline the booking, simply click on the booking card and click on the green icon to approve it, or on the red icon to decline it:

Since this feature is currently on beta, we'll very much appreciate your feedback! Send us your suggestions on how to improve this feature at [email protected]

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